On the making of Forward and Back (2012)

Category : Notes
Date : Sunday, August 12th, 2012

The idea for Forward and Back came to me primarily after having read Bill Nichols’ The Age of Cybernetic Systems. I was very much impacted by Nichols’ arguments and after watching the films Westworld and Blade Runner I knew the idea would materialize rather well. Even though I very much enjoyed those films, I wanted to do something different with Forward and Back.

In my eyes, Forward and Back is similar to Ted Nelson’s Computer Lib Dream Machines in its simplicity. Anybody can understand the story and anybody can be moved to either do something about what is happening or at least recognize what lies ahead for humans if we get greedy with technology and disavow our own faculties of the mind.

As Donna Haraway and Michele White explain, rules are meant to broken; conventions brought down to their knees. In my film, the scientists are the complete opposite; they cannot break away from the system.