A veritable find of a lifetime

So the other day I was with my brother at a house he is selling. We entered the garage and he pointed out a couple of big gaping holes in the attic and told me that the people who used to live there had probably stashed money away in there and took it before they left.

That instantly sparked my curiosity, and I am not one to let my curiosity go unfed. I immediately grabbed my pelican 760 LED S.W.A.T. flashlight and ventured up into the unknown. This was the first time I had been in an attic and my only fear was that it would collapse.

Up there, I noticed empty wood cases and I got the feeling that money probably had been stashed up there. Now, there wasn’t even a dime. As I pointed my flashlight in between the cracks and crevices of the wood beams, I noticed old papers seemingly suck to the wood.

I stretched my body and arms out and reached through to grab all the ones I saw. At first sight, I couldn’t tell what they were because they were either folded, or dusty and so forth so I grabbed each of them and threw it gently onto the ground beneath me.

After I had collected a few, I began to unfold a few and inspect some of them. You are not going to believe what I found.

The collection included two original Scarface posters and a hard to find Rocky and Rocky II original poster among other titles.

Up until the mid-80’s, movie posters came folded (Scarface) and this is not considered a defect, but a sign of authenticity, while the newer posters like the Back to the Future II poster were given out rolled.

The Back to the Future II poster is still wrapped in a protective layer and I will remove the layer as soon as I receive the frames I ordered.

I will update you guys with picture of the framed posters soon! Or, you can see them if you visit Anticipatory Media anytime soon. We should be moving into a bigger office in the near future. Either way, stay tuned…

My new vintage movie poster collection Rocky and Rocky II vintage poster



  • Anna Mae

    Wow Addison!!! You are so blessed. Everything you do turns to gold!!! I always enjoy reading your blog posts. Keep writing!!!!

  • Jennifer Irelande

    Dear Addison, My girls n I just want to thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. We have been through a very turbulent year to say the least, lol. Starting with a separation after 19 years of marriage, my car catching on fire, having someone rent an apartment out from underneath me 3 day s before I was to move in etc. Anyhow my story would make a great movie haha because im still smiling everyday thanks to your stories and movies. Anyway looking forward to your upcoming new movie and wishing u a Merry Christmas. Xoxoxo Jennifer