“365 Days on Air” (2014) released

The differences between “365 Days on Air” (2014), my reinterpretation of a scene from Michael Mann’s “The Insider” (1999), and his original are not subtle. They take form in my direction, editing, and mise-en-scene choices for the scene.

My goal when recreating it was never to achieve an exact replica of Mann’s work, but to build upon it by constructing a story that centered on a more vibrant cast (no offense to Russell Crowe and Al Pacino, two of the all-time greats) and a more interesting setting in terms of location.

Shooting in the historic Mudd Hall, my actors were instantly catapulted into a philosophical search for any memory that could connect them more intensely with being pursued in Jeffrey Wigand’s case, and pursuing in Lowell Bergman’s instance.

In terms of direction, I specifically directed my Lowell Bergman to pretend that he was the tiger and Jeffrey Wigand was his prey, in contradistinction to Mann and Al Pacino’s Bergman who plays it more paternalistic.

In this scene, both characters are driven by the desire to get their counterpart to recognize that he is right.

This war, I ultimately made the decision to emphasize in the resolution through a brutal montage sequence, which intercuts Trojans battling as our two main characters do the same.

Watch here.