Announcing first round of auditions for roles in Gunwalkers

The first round of auditions for Gunwalkers a USC graduate thesis, SAG-AFTRA project are underway.

Details on what we’re looking for are below:

WEAVER Male 30-50, Natural leader, but a reluctant warrior. Wants the best for his family and his business. Knows the world isn’t black and white but rather, shades of gray. Uncompromising character and deep eyes that we identify with.

DILLAN Male 6-12, Bright-eyed, playground-type. Smart and bears a moral conscience, but with a rebel spirit.

HAILEY Female 14-30 Beautiful teen girl who has always had her heart in the right place, but not always made the right decisions. She loves her child born out of wedlock and has a free spirit.

MATTHEWS Male 30-50, Corrupt federal agent. Strong, bold and not scared of anyone. He has all the power in the world and knows exactly how to use it. He doesn’t have to say a word, his presence is intimidating enough.