Junior Sonador (2011)


The winner of the 2012 Mexico International Film Festival Golden Palms for Best Director and Best Picture and selected to the 2012 Silent River International Film Festival Official Selection, the film tells the riveting story of a young man (Doroteo Equihua Jr.) who struggles to cope with the death of his beloved father. Before he dies, Junior’s father (Doroteo Equihua) gives him advice on life but, like so many other bits of information that the human brain processes, only in hindsight are they pieced together.

One evening, Junior walks into the living room to find his girlfriend (Nicole Fleit) cheating on him with the landlord (Jorge Equihua) and discovers that the son he loved so much is not really his. Junior’s only recourse to live the life he imagined is through the only way he ever saw it, in his dreams.

The first English/Spanish film from Writer/Director Addison Sandoval.