Our Hollywood Story is an interview of two California entrepreneurs: Fran and Allen Ellsworth. Allen, or Al, was born in 1937 and Fran in 1945. The pair met in high school and have been together ever since with 2012 marking their fifty-third anniversary. Together, the couple experienced the heyday of the Hollywood film and television industries. In the interview, Writer/Director Addison Sandoval takes audiences into the annals of the storied history of the American media industry by placing it in the context of two converging and evolving love stories. The first is the love story between a now husband and wife and the second, between a once-carefree couple and Hollywood.

As the two stories converge, it becomes apparent that Hollywood in the period between 1940 through 1960 was, even to infrequent moviegoers and television watchers, the site of warm and dynamic interactions. While in some cases, the warmness of Hollywood was chilled by the fear of the unknown, such as that which inevitably accompanies the end of every great war, Hollywood and its audiences managed to pull through because they did so together. It is in this light that the path of this couple and that of 40-60’s Hollywood will forever remain inextricably intertwined. Despite the myriad activities that the couple explains deviated time away from cinema and television, at the end of the day, they realize that Hollywood is ultimately what brought them together.

Theirs is the story of an encounter that took place long ago and evolved into a precious Hollywood courtship. It was when they were in their teens and early twenties that a warm and glamorous Hollywood welcomed Fran and Al to its theatres and asked of them only for a chance to entertain.  Little did they know that this Hollywood would remain with them, would grow and evolve right alongside them, relying on them as much as they would unknowingly come to rely on it. The development of Hollywood would ultimately become the couple’s own Hollywood story. The image of Hollywood that of a good friend they once met and now lost, yet will never part ways with.


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