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First photo released from upcoming “Roots in Fields” (2014)

Here’s a look at the first on set photo from Roots in Fields (2014) which I wrote, directed, and executive produced for the USC School of Cinematic Arts. All I can say, is get ready for an intense journey.  The film is split between two settings: urban fields and South Central Los Angeles and spans […]

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#1 hit song “My Sharona” to be featured in “Pops” (2014)

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just  reached a deal with music label companies Reach Music and Music Sales to feature the no. 1 US hit song by The Knack, “My Sharona”, which has sold 10 million copies in the US, in my upcoming production of “Pops” (2014) for the USC School of Cinematic Arts The song, composed […]

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“365 Days on Air” (2014) released

The differences between “365 Days on Air” (2014), my reinterpretation of a scene from Michael Mann’s “The Insider” (1999), and his original are not subtle. They take form in my direction, editing, and mise-en-scene choices for the scene. My goal when recreating it was never to achieve an exact replica of Mann’s work, but to […]

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Following up

I haven’t been posting too many updates lately and that’s because I have been really busy with Canonclast,, and my recent trip to Las Vegas. I am working on several new projects in addition to the ones just mentioned and I promise to keep you guys posted on all of them. In the meantime, […]

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Addison Sandoval’s L.A. Bros, By Anticipatory Media, Sweeps Accolade Film Competition for Best Short Film

Original article published in Eworldwire on March 12, 2012. The Addison Sandoval film starring Robert Hunter and Roope Olenius sweeps the Accolades. For Immediate Release SAN DIEGO/EWORLDWIRE/March 12, 2012 — Addison Sandoval’s film L.A. Bros developed by Anticipatory Media, has swept this year’s Accolade Film Festival awards for best short film. The awards were given […]

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