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The Knights

The latest clip from Gunwalkers features the elite militia made up of Bosco (Cheyenne Watson), Enzo (Isaac Dean), Reg (Jordan Laesch), and Kino (Benjamin Kim) on the hunt in the Sonoran desert.

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Director Statement On Gunwalkers

Gunwalkers is rooted in a search for truth profoundly influenced by the spirit of investigative and independent journalism. When I heard about Fast and Furious, a clandestine operation involving the U.S. Government’s release of more than 2,500 guns to known criminals, I decided to delve deeper and try to make sense of these events and […]

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Announcing first round of auditions for roles in Gunwalkers

The first round of auditions for Gunwalkers a USC graduate thesis, SAG-AFTRA project are underway. Details on what we’re looking for are below: WEAVER Male 30-50, Natural leader, but a reluctant warrior. Wants the best for his family and his business. Knows the world isn’t black and white but rather, shades of gray. Uncompromising character […]

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